Love's Radiancy

Sometimes the great lessons of Truth are unfolded to the human thought through the small trifles in our every-day life. The following incident, though simple in itself, nevertheless brought out so much that was helpful to the writer that she feels impelled to pass the experience on to others.

One evening just at dusk she was walking in the suburbs of the city along a road which at that point was quite light, but a short distance ahead a railroad bridge cast such a dark shadow that the road seemed to lie in absolute blackness. It had rained very heavily the day before, and it was necessary to pick one's way very carefully. Immediately there flashed through her thought the question how she would ever be able to keep from plunging into the mud; but in order to reach her destination there was nothing to do but to go ahead, and so she hesitatingly took the first step into the darkness. To her surprise she found that what, viewed from a short distance, had seemed to be absolute blackness, on nearer approach was sufficiently illuminated so that the road at her feet was plainly discernible; and so it was all the way along.

Hiding Our Brother's Failings
October 21, 1916

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