The testimonies in the Sentinel have always been such a...

The testimonies in the Sentinel have always been such a help and inspiration to me that it is a privilege to give expression to my own gratitude for Christian Science healing. Every year my school career was interrupted two or three times by my being kept at home for three weeks with a bad attack of quinsy. The doctor said I would always be subject to this ailment, as he could only relieve me. After I began the study of Christian Science, a practitioner's help was sought for this trouble, with the result that in three days all the symptoms disappeared and I was permanently healed. During those few days the relative from whom this throat trouble was supposed to have been inherited, was visiting us, but there was no indication of any difficulty in either my eating or speaking (if there had been it would have been immediately recognized as a symptom of our common complaint), and this was in spite of very strong sense-testimony which declared the presence of great swelling and hardness.

Deep as is my thankfulness for this healing, to me the greatest blessing is the revelation of a divine, infinite Principle to be understood and obeyed. I had always caused much unhappiness to myself and others by refusing to recognize any authority or governing power, but now I am able to rejoice in being subject to "the powers that be."

Dora Hepburn, Barnes, S.W., England.

Testimony of Healing
In gratitude to God I am glad to tell of my healing, with...
October 14, 1916

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