I want to tell of my cure through Christian Science of the...

I want to tell of my cure through Christian Science of the drug habit. It is a long, sad story covering twenty years, but I will not give all the details. From early youth I was afflicted with severe headache, and every one knows what many doctors do to give relief, and it does not take long for the unfortunate to prescribe for himself.

I was in constant fear except when under the influence of the opiate. I grieved over my condition, though the belief that I could diminish the amount of the drug gave me hope; but alas, that hope vanished and despondency took its place. At last it seemed as if I would be a complete wreck. Three limbs were broken in a fall from the roof of a high building, and while I was lying on my back with the limbs encased in a plaster cast the drug was doubled. Then a doctor said it was a good time to quit using the drug, and after my recovery I tried to do so.

I went to a doctor who is also a druggist and asked him if it was possible to diminish the drug every day till the craving was gone. He said, "Yes, but see here [he was then reading a Sentinel]; try Christian Science." He told me to see a lady who is a Christian Scientist, but I did not do so, for I was ashamed to have her know of my affliction. Finally, however, something had to be done, so I went to see her, then to the practitioner to whom she directed me. The day afterward I was healed, for when the usual hour came to take the drug I forgot it and felt no nervousness; and so it was the next day and the next. Not one moment of pain, inconvenience, fear, or loss of sleep was experienced, and the healing has been permanent.

Testimony of Healing
Several years ago I was what is called a semiinvalid
October 14, 1916

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