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[Rev. J. H. Molesworth in The Guardian]

It is all to the good that no man today disputes about the existence of the city of God. After long estrangement science and theology are once more shaking hands. We see the great stream of pilgrims bending their steps up to that city in countless and increasing numbers, though along different paths. What they dispute about is the demarcation of the ancient walls. Where do these walls run around the heavenly city? Is it a smaller or a larger city that they embrace within their compass? And the pity of it is that all our excavations in the debris of the past have only served to increase the confusion and add to the bitterness. We cannot agree on the lines of delimitation. The call of today is to concentrate elsewhere than on the half-hidden ramparts, on nothing less than the fact of the city itself. Let us all go up to Jerusalem and keep the feast there in the presence of divine Love Himself, and leave the walking about Zion, marking her bulwarks and telling the towers thereof, to the larger and more generous times that we hope will follow upon the war.

[Rev. H. E. Fox, M.A., in The Record]

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October 14, 1916

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