The Key to Great Treasure

IN the stirring days of "good Queen Bess" her turbulent knights found relaxation, during the intervals between wars, in sailing west in search of treasure. Dangers by land or sea were to these lusty Britons but an incentive; hazard was the game of life, the salt of existence. That so many had sallied forth never to return, or to bring home little more than a barren experience, in no way deterred these brave gallants. And how near to their quarry these same treasure hunters ofttimes knew they were, if the cold, stubborn rock would but yield.

In the latter part of the nineteenth century the open sesame to a boundless treasure was discovered, not by a mighty warrior, not by a brilliant explorer, but by an inspired woman who had sought in secret for many years the treasures of Truth,—wading fearlessly through the quagmires of mortal sense, scaling eagerly the mountain heights of hope and revelation. When her tireless quest was rewarded, Mrs. Eddy gave to the world her inspired "Key to the Scriptures," and thus opened up anew to posterity the narrow pathway to eternal good. And what a treasure-store stands revealed! Through this priceless discovery the sea of human consciousness gives up its false beliefs, the stubborn rock pours forth its living stream, the silent centuries disburse their long concealed truth.

Lessons from a Rose Bush
October 14, 1916

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