The objections of the Denver clergyman who recently attacked...

Littleton (Col.) Independent

The objections of the Denver clergyman who recently attacked Christian Science in your city, seem to be on the basis that Christian Science does not teach according to his theological beliefs. Failure to teach according to his standards does not necessarily prove Christian Science to be wrong. For instance, this clergyman assumes that Christian Science does not teach "the deity of Christ." Christian Science does not teach that Christ Jesus was God. The Scriptures do not so teach. Jesus frequently said he was the Son of God, and on one occasion specifically denied that he was God, but declared that he was the Son of God, a teaching which Christian Science follows. (See John x. 33-36.) The dogma that Jesus was God was evidently injected into the teachings of the church about the third century. It has no support from the teachings of the Master or of his disciples.

Christian Science does not deny the doctrine of atonement. Doubtless the interpretation of the atonement given by Christian Science differs from the concept of this clergyman. That, however, need occasion no surprise, since the doctrine of atonement has been a mooted question among theologians throughout the ages, and many different views are held concerning it. The atonement, as Christian Science teaches it, is at-one-ment with God. In Science and Health (p. 23) Mrs. Eddy says, "The atonement is a hard problem in theology, but its scientific explanation is, that suffering is an error of sinful sense which Truth destroys, and that eventually both sin and suffering will fall at the feet of everlasting Love."

October 14, 1916

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