Giving and Receiving

THE suggestion that an individual cannot afford to give virtually declares that he is not ready to receive. The seeming mortal law works both ways, and tends to prove itself by inversion: if we cannot receive, we cannot give; and if we cannot give, we cannot receive. Mankind may be said to have the choice between these two statements, and yet there is no real choice, because both lead to the same conclusion, namely, to lack, want, and poverty. The surest way of becoming poor is to stop giving, and metaphysically considered the reason is obvious. Refusing to give, mankind mentally insists that it has nothing to give, or at least not enough to give, thereby limiting itself and declaring for a separation between God, the infinite source of all, and man, His expressed image.

The habit of reiterating that we cannot afford to give springs from fear, and acts like a series of checks upon our activity, our intelligence, and our ability, ultimating in inaction, apathy, and loss alike of power and of substance. Looking forward to a time when we will not be asked to give as much as at present, is preparing for ourselves a time when we shall have nothing to give. The fact is, that the future holds in store constantly more giving, and not less, on the part of advancing Christian Scientists, for less giving would mean retrogression and so eventual destruction of the power to receive.

"Vain repetitions"
October 14, 1916

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