In July, 1913, my eldest son, then eight years old, was...

In July, 1913, my eldest son, then eight years old, was caught in a railroad turntable, terrible injuries resulting. Both legs were broken above the knee, while the left leg was crushed and torn and the right one badly wounded. There was also a deep gash in the back, penetrating the kidney. I had some knowledge of Christian Science, and with its application was able to support and encourage the boy during the two hours that it took to set the limbs and sew the wounds. He was then taken to a hospital in Jacksonville, where I at once put the case into the hands of an experienced Christian Science practitioner. My husband is not a Christian Scientist, and I had been led to believe that I could not get help for the boy without his father's consent. I will never forget my relief when the practitioner consented so lovingly and pityingly to help us, saying that she would indeed have been lost if Christian Scientists had refused to help her before her husband became interested.

No one expected the child to live. The most dreaded form of infection appeared in all the wounds, and to mortal sense the pulse and temperature indicated the approach of death. The physicians did all they could, and relieved the child very much by keeping him on a frame to prevent his touching the bed. They also faithfully dressed the wounds every day, but with little or no hope of his recovery. After four months in the hospital and one month in a hotel, my son came home. He was able to walk and all healed save a slight wound on the left leg, which still discharged at that time. Both doctors on the case declared that the leg would never knit without an operation. Upon cutting into it, however, they found the bone had already knit, but removed a loose piece of bone three inches long. The healing was called marvelous by every one; even the physicians said the child had a wonderful constitution, when in fact he had always been delicate. There was no shortage in the limbs, as was expected.

Testimony of Healing
When Scientists are walking with God they are constantly...
January 29, 1916

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