Your correspondent is anxious to know who would be "foolish...

The Hedley (British Columbia) Gazette

Your correspondent is anxious to know who would be "foolish and weak-minded enough" to try to heal a sick body by spiritual means. If he will read the Old and the New Testament carefully, he will find the names of a large number who were willing to be just that foolish. He will find out more if he will read Gibbon's account of the healing practised by the early Christian church. The prophets and apostles, and the Master himself, are naturally included in this sweeping condemnation, so that Christian Scientists need not be ashamed to be found in such illustrious company.

How foolish and weak-minded it must have been on the part of Daniel in the lions' den, and the three Hebrews cast into the furnace, to have used spiritual means to effect the escape of their bodies! I suppose our critic would have had them contentedly submit to the apparently inevitable, and be meekly eaten and burned, rather than have had them ignore the material laws in the case and to rely upon spiritual means. And think of Paul, how weak-minded it was for him to use spiritual means to restore the young man who had fallen out of the window and was taken up as one dead. And how foolish of the apostle James to counsel the sick to send for the elders of the church, that they might pray over him; and to think of his saying that "the prayer of faith shall save the sick." I wonder that our friend has patience to read these things, since he scouts the idea of there being any virtue in spiritual means.

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