[Translated from the German]

I am very willing to express my gratitude for Christian Science

I am very willing to express my gratitude for Christian Science. Before becoming acquainted with this wonderful religion I was often in a state of despondency. I would get up tired in the morning and go to bed tired at night. My feet felt so heavy that it seemed difficult to move them. Besides, I was afflicted with varicose veins and often had to use bandages. I had also lost the sense of smell, and physicians told me that there was no way of restoring it. In addition to these troubles I suffered with severe attacks of headache, which kept me in bed for days at a time.

While in this condition I came to Berlin, and there became acquainted with a Christian Science practitioner. After the third treatment given me I took part in an excursion on which I was able to walk for hours without experiencing fatigue, and I have been healed of all my ailments through Christian Science. As years went on other benefits were added. Thus, when a year after coming to Christian Science I was taken ill, my throat being in such a condition that for five days I went about unable to take nourishment, I put myself under the care of a practitioner, with the result that it became possible for me to attend to my business duties without experiencing much fatigue. A week later other symptoms manifested themselves, such as rheumatism and seemingly severe inflammation of the lungs. One treatment, however, was sufficient to restore me to health.

Testimony of Healing
In July, 1913, my eldest son, then eight years old, was...
January 29, 1916

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