I note that an evangelist has been holding a protracted...

Temple (Texas) Telegram

I note that an evangelist has been holding a protracted meeting in Temple, and on several occasions made reference to some other religious denominations whose teachings differ from his views. Among them he spoke of Christian Science. Now Christian Science is not mere human opinion. It is not Mrs. Eddy's private opinion, but it is her discovery of a demonstrable Science of being, a Science that elucidates the teachings of Christ Jesus, and that makes practical his teaching by reforming the sinner, healing the sick, and raising the dead (those "dead in trespasses and sins") by spiritual means alone. On page 126 of the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mrs. Eddy says: "I have set forth Christian Science and its application to the treatment of disease just as I have discovered them. I have demonstrated through Mind the effects of Truth on the health, longevity, and morals of men; and I have found nothing in ancient or in modern systems on which to found my own, except the teachings and demonstrations of our great Master and the lives of prophets and apostles. The Bible has been my only authority. I have had no other guide in 'the straight and narrow way' of Truth."

We read in the Bible that "faith without works is dead." Christian Science is the gospel of good works, and its worth to humanity should be estimated by its beneficial effects upon the health and morals of mankind. Its healing activities illumine thought, gladden hope, and bring the kingdom of heaven to the apprehension of the children of men. Its teachings concerning God, man, and the spiritual universe make men wiser and better, because with Biblical authority Christian Science declares the allness of God, and teaches how to demonstrate the infinity of good and to utilize good in the affairs of daily experience. The world is getting weary of direful utterances that lead to discouragement, and it welcomes with gladness the demonstrable understanding of that grace and truth that came by Christ Jesus, that lead gently into a realization of illumined thought, better ideals, improved morals, that ultimate in health, harmony, and happiness here and now.

January 29, 1916

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