The remarks of the Rev. Mr.— on the subject of...

The Yonkers (N. Y.) Herald

The remarks of the Rev. Mr.—on the subject of Christian Science, as quoted in a recent issue, are misleading. In attempting to show that the teachings of Christian Science cannot be acceptable to a scientific thinker, our critic fails to give the proper definition of Christian Science, or of the term Scientist itself. Science is defined as "knowledge classified and made available in work, life, or the search for truth." A Christian Scientist, therefore, strictly speaking, is one who is thoroughly grounded in the knowledge of the teachings of Christ Jesus and who applies these teachings in his life.

This is just what the present Christian Science church stands for and is doing. Strange to say, however, Christian Science is criticized because of this by those who should be the chief exponents of the Master's teachings, on the ground that such teaching and practice are not according to the ordinary material trend of thought. This teaching rests, nevertheless, upon the truth concerning God and the universe taught by Christ Jesus, and this is admittedly wholly spiritual. It is impossible to be a true Christian without being scientific in one's consciousness, just as it is impossible to be absolutely scientific or consistently true in one's thought about the universe and its creator without being at the same time Christian. Those who apply themselves to the destruction of evil through the spiritual understanding of God and man in the way taught and demonstrated by Christ Jesus, should not be accused of foolishness, however much their premises or conclusions may disagree with pure materialism.

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