The life of Mrs. Eddy needs no defense

The Wasp

The life of Mrs. Eddy needs no defense. It was an open book, "read of all men." All who knew her, loved and honored her for the good she had achieved. Countless thousands who never saw her, loved her for the good she had brought into their lives through her writings. When she passed away, the press all over the civilized world united in eulogizing her as a noble woman and a great benefactor of mankind. Notwithstanding the Wasp's sarcastic reference to Mrs. Eddy and a few others as being in "direct communication with the Lord," the fact remains that there are multitudes today whose hearts are filled with gratitude to and love for her, because her spirituality enabled her to discover and demonstrate the law of God for herself and others, with its resultant manifestation, health and harmony. She claimed no more "direct communication" with God than is open to all who seek Him "in spirit and in truth."

Mrs. Eddy's charities were world renowned. She gave most liberally, not alone to those in harmony with her teachings, but those who differed from her as well. That she received financial reward, like other great writers whose tireless pens have contributed to the world's literary gain, is only just and as it should be. Her literary ability was recognized long before she became renowned as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. For several years, while quite a young woman, she wrote for the leading magazines of the day, and supported herself by her pen. Her life was one of tireless, endless labor for the world's betterment, and she left all her earnings, except the portion given to her heirs, for the promulgation of the truths she had discovered. There are multitudes who, while not accepting her teachings, yet have acknowledged her greatness as a reformer in the world's moral progress, for she lived the golden rule, "Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them;" and she taught in Science and Health (p. 201), that "the best sermon ever preached is Truth practised and demonstrated."

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