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The writer has always been most grateful for our Leader's writings and our Christian Science literature. On the walls of our local church is this verse from the Psalms, "He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions;" and Christian Science daily gives proof of the truth of this statement. As a Christian Science practitioner, and for many years the head of a family where human channels have been closed and material wealth dissolved, each day bringing its requirements which have to be met by the understanding of Truth, our literature has been veritably as "the arm of the Lord."

One week the Sentinel contained an article on systematic reading, which showed me that I, too, could rise a little earlier each day, and in that freshness of the morning get time for daily reading. This has been a most blessed experience, and I am truly grateful for it, and for the spiritual uplift which has followed from it. Some fourteen years ago I went to live on a mountain ranch, and soon after going there I learned from a young man who came for help in Christian Science, of a lady living far up the canyon who was slowly becoming helpless with what was called "creeping paralysis." I gave him five copies of the Sentinel, and asked him to take them to her after he had read them. Some time later the lady sent to me for a copy of "that book, Science and Health, so often referred to in the Sentinels." It was sent to her, and she was healed through the reading of it. An account of this healing has appeared in our Journal. Her mother had lain nine years helpless with this ailment and then passed away.

July 31, 1915

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