My first experience in Christian Science healing reminds...

My first experience in Christian Science healing reminds me that I must have been much like the merchantman that went down to Jericho and fell among thieves, who robbed him of all he possessed and left him lying, wounded and bleeding, by the roadside. The generally accepted teaching about God, man, and the universe, had robbed me of my birthright as the image and likeness of my creator, of all that I possessed; consequently I was left wounded and bleeding away from home, God, without one thing good or to be desired, but quite the reverse,—with unhappiness, sorrow, sickness, and not even a hope that God was willing or could heal or in any way relieve my distressed condition.

Then one who understood Spirit and spiritual laws came that way. She did not pass by "on the other side," nor did she take the same view of my condition as some others who had tried without avail to help me. She denied that man could even appear to be sick, fallen, or in despair, for she knew him to be the image and likeness of God, pure and perfect, and discord to be only a false mortal belief, not God-created, God-sustained, or God-ordained, and the happy result was that I was healed almost instantaneously. Within the hour I was free from pain and suffering, and the cause of my seeming suffering was destroyed. I was well, and mere words cannot express my gladness. I never again thought of the past sorrows, but rejoiced; I knew God, and was satisfied.

Testimony of Healing
While on my way here from Massachusetts, I was taken...
July 31, 1915

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