Almost any of the statements made by Doctor — about...

Columbia City (Ind.) Commercial-Mail

Almost any of the statements made by Doctor—about Christian Science, in a sermon announced in a recent issue, could be used as a basis for showing that he is not correctly informed, and is for this reason incompetent to discuss the subject properly. For instance: "The mind has a great influence upon the health of an individual, but this was known and conceded by medical men long before Mrs. Eddy was born." This statement shows clearly that the speaker was thinking of the effect of the human mind on the body, and that he has mental suggestion confused with Christian Science, while Christian Science is as different from suggestion as night is from day.

This difference may readily be seen through the understanding which Christian Science gives of God as Mind, and of man in His image and likeness, governed only by divine Mind, God. Suggestion, on the other hand, is the Adam-dream of many minds, with each mind having power to control another. Christian Science can be used for nothing but the greatest good for the greatest number, while adherents of suggestion claim to use it to promote their own selfish ends at the expense and to the detriment of others. Christian Science awakens a desire to be more godlike, more spiritual; while the most earnest advocates of suggestion admit that sometimes it is used in an attempt to accomplish the most evil results. Christian Science shows that the malicious forms of suggestion lead to moral idiocy.

The life of Mrs. Eddy needs no defense
July 31, 1915

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