Healing Natural and Normal

Christian Science is not only the unfoldment of truth to the individual, but it is a spiritual dynamic, a power for good. The unfoldment comes as gently as the falling of the dew or the opening of a rosebud. As we "rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him," He comes in the beauty of holiness and healing. Impatience and doubt retard the gracious bestowals of divine Love. As these errors in their false nature are detected and overcome, we may rejoice in a Peniel experience, when we have a vision as if we had seen God "face to face." Truth then is very real to us, and we gain a clearer apprehension of its potency; but more than that, we begin to learn that the normal relation between God and man is that of Love manifested or expressed always in love that heals and blesses.

The tendency of human thought has always been to describe as miraculous or supernatural those works of God which seem to be departures from the traditional order, and modern enlightenment has not curbed this tendency in some directions. Even Christian Scientists are sometimes tempted into an expression of wonderment when Truth has served its legitimate purpose in uncovering and destroying error, bringing health in place of sickness, or moral regeneration where sin has hitherto reigned. Yet, if we stop to think, should we not rather express surprise if these beneficent results did not follow the realization of Truth? Can we imagine that Jesus ever thought or expressed astonishment, when with his spiritual understanding and his perception of all that is perfect the lame were made to walk, the blind to see, the deaf to hear? when the lepers were cleansed, and even the dead raised to life? With unfailing confidence in the Father, he never doubted the omnipotence of divine Mind over all sin and disease. His works of healing were the natural proofs of his mission; and the continuity of that mission has never been broken.

Wise Distribution
June 26, 1915

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