Though the criticisms of Christian Science by the Binghamton...

The Humboldt Star

Though the criticisms of Christian Science by the Binghamton (N. Y.) clergyman, as reported in a recent issue, seem intended in a not unkindly spirit, they show a thorough misconception of what Christian Science actually teaches, and therefore misrepresent the subject. Would it not be wiser, then, for a Christian pastor to refrain from public criticism of any religious doctrine until he has some real understanding of its teachings? A real understanding of Christian Science would involve the ability to demonstrate its effectiveness. The fact is, of course, that thousands who have been troubled in the past by the very points which this pastor brings up, have gone on and studied until these points have been completely cleared up for them; then they have had no criticisms to offer.

Instead of being convinced that there is a "supernatural power outside of man," Christian Scientists understand that this power is supremely natural. God is infinite intelligence, Spirit, Love, and the true man is His image and likeness, or expression. Proceeding logically step by step from this basis, Christian Science presents the truth that God, or intelligence, could create only good or the expression of intelligence, since God is "of purer eyes than to behold evil." Therefore good is all that is absolutely real—"real" in the sense of "eternal." Certainly this is the exact teaching of the Bible and in no sense a perversion.

Not an Exclusive Privilege
June 26, 1915

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