After many years of suffering I was confined to my bed...

After many years of suffering I was confined to my bed for more than eight months with what physicians termed an internal growth, which they said would have to be removed with the knife. They also said that I could never walk again without the operation, and that the growth would finally cause my death unless removed. I was taken to a hospital, where three times the day was set for the operation and as many times postponed.

When my mother learned that the chance for recovery was about equal to that of death, she was unwilling to have the operation performed. I was therefore taken to her home, where I grew gradually worse, until I could no longer take any nourishment, and it seemed that I could live but a few days. Then my mother asked if I would be willing to try Christian Science, saying that she thought it would do me no good, but that it could not hurt me, and she wanted to feel that she had tried everything for me, as she was sure I could not live. I told her I had no faith in it but was willing to try it, so she at once sent word to a practitioner in a neighboring town. Within one hour from the first treatment I was improving, and I walked the same evening. The next morning when I arose I dressed without assistance and went to the dining-room for my breakfast. I remained up practically all that day, and the fourth day I walked five blocks. From the first treatment I ate anything I wished, and experienced no discomfort whatever from the food.

Testimony of Healing
My first healing in Christian Science took place over five...
June 26, 1915

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