A few years ago I knew nothing of Christian Science...

A few years ago I knew nothing of Christian Science except the name. At the time, I was very ill and under the care of a physician, who held out the little comforting prospect of two years of careful treatment along the lines that he would prescribe, strictest diet, etc., if I hoped to regain my health. I had suffered from congestion of the lungs six times in ten years, and the law of a return of this ailment every winter was held over me.

Aware of my wife's earnest interest in Christian Science and her conviction that it was the remedy for every ill and could also heal me, I became interested little by little, especially after she told me it required no faith on my part, an absolute refraining from taking any medicine or using remedial agents of any kind being the only condition imposed; and of my own free will I decided to try what Christian Science treatment could do for me. I thought that if it did no good, at any rate it could do no harm, and knowing that my wife had been successful in other cases, I asked her to help me. I do not know how the work was done, but I do know that I was a well man inside of three-months, eating with relish everything set before me, and with a normal appetite for every meal. My friends consider it little less than a miracle, as they had been accustomed to look upon me as a chronic invalid. I have also gained in flesh since my healing. The physical freedom is, however, nothing compared to the release from fear, of which I was a victim. My nervousness was extreme, causing suffering not only to myself but to every one around me. That has all gone, and I can now always see the sun behind the clouds, whereas before I saw the cloud behind the sun in every instance. Now I am of a cheerful disposition, and no longer look at the dark side of everything.

I am thankful to say that my healing has been permanent and that I have ever since that time enjoyed good health. Needless to say, no drugs or medicine of any kind has been used by me. I attend the Christian Science services in Paris regularly twice a week, and understand that the healthy appearance and the cordial spirit manifested by those present are expressions of their satisfaction and gratitude. This comes from having a practical religion every hour of the day. I enjoy the reading of the Bible, which to me was a closed book, and of the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, besides all our other literature, and know that I shall receive more benefits in proportion to my understanding of their teachings and the application of them in my daily life. For all the blessings I have received in Christian Science I am indeed grateful.—Charles Blondin, Asnières, Seine, France.

Testimony of Healing
Five years ago Christian Science seemed to me like a light...
June 26, 1915

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