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Apart from Christian Scientists there are few who would venture to make any definite statements as to the origin of energy. This does not mean that no opinions are advanced respecting the manifestations of energy as cognized by the physical senses; but as such observations are always limited to materiality, they are of little value to man as a being of infinite spiritual possibilities. The materialist might argue at this point that we are getting away from practical considerations, but the student of Christian Science could tell him that its teachings tend to make one intensely practical in all things, beginning with his religion, which in turn becomes the basis of all his thinking and doing.

Most people come to Christian Science because they need help and have failed to find it through material means or through their concepts of God, and it is safe to say that very few pursue their investigations unless they become convinced that what they need is really available in Christian Science; in other words, that this Science can bring them into close touch with the source of all true energy, namely, infinite Mind. Many sufferers might say as did those in Ezekiel's vision, "Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost," but the promise given them, "I will open your graves, ... and shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live," is proved as true today as when the prophet heard it.

Worship God
April 10, 1915

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