"Confirming the word"

Notwithstanding the general and rapid growth of Christian Science throughout the world, attention is occasionally called to some city or town wherein there has seemingly been little or no progress made in the years in which this religion has been making great strides in near-by places. Such a condition as this has usually caused those primarily interested, to question themselves and others as to the probable reason of this lack of success. Just what has hindered progress in any particular instance is something which might be difficult to determine, but there are some general phases of belief which may well be taken into account by Christian Scientists who are seeking the reason for the stagnation which they see and feel in their own community.

Usually the first among these phases is the belief that there is no "practitioner" of Christian Science in their field, and that no one has the ability or right to do healing work unless he is so labeled. The consequence is that instead of wrong conditions being promptly and effectually met, as they might and should be, little or no healing is done, and the failure on the part of those who are known to their neighbors as Christian Scientists to give signs that their religion is of practical value in surmounting the difficulties of modern existence, is naturally a hindrance to the growth of Christian Science. This seeming inability to practise what is preached,—to bear witness to the sincerity of one's profession,—is a serious matter, and one to which every Christian Scientist should not fail to give earnest consideration. If there are no "signs following" the preaching of this religion, it is at least inferential evidence to the onlooker that there is nothing present but the letter of its teaching.

Truth's Activity
April 10, 1915

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