In Science and Health we read: "The plant grows, not because of seed or soil, but because growth is the eternal mandate of Mind. Mortal thought drops into the ground, but the immortal creating thought is from above, not from beneath" (p. 520). We begin to understand this as we learn more of the Principle which governs the universe.

Some thirty-five years ago, one who resided in the home which I afterward purchased, cultivated a garden in which a great variety of flowers grew and flourished. It was beautiful to look upon, and among the flowers were petunias, marigolds, asters, and many other kinds. Ten years later, the garden was converted into a lawn; and some fifteen years after that, in order to have the grade higher, the sod was removed in the month of March and the loam thrown into the back yard, where we had a flower bed at that time. The following May and June I noticed a new plant growing very abundantly, so I watched the garden, and in a short time a bed of petunias blossomed out in all their beauty and fragrance, although no seed had been planted there for twenty-five years. It was a very clear lesson, also a revelation to me, that whatever reflects Life cannot lose its power to express that Life.

Vision Beautiful
March 6, 1915

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