Neither Mystical nor Miraculous

Step by step hostile criticism has receded before the irrefutable evidence of the healing power of Christian Science. It is quite common today to hear or to read the admission that the cures effected by Christian Science can no longer be denied. This admission, however, is apt to be followed by an attempt to account for the cures on so-called psychological grounds, to refer to them as resulting from the action of one human mind upon another. The statement is then frequently added that such healing is neither mystical nor miraculous, but scientific and rational.

Christian Scientists heartily agree with the wording of this last statement, while they repudiate the mistaken supposition that the human mind is a healer. Among the definitions for mystical given in Webster's dictionary is the word "unknowable," and as an explanation of the word miraculous we find, "performed by supernatural power." The fact that Christian Science can be studied and is being practised by growing multitudes, proves that its results are not unknowable, not above or beyond law, but in accordance with the immutable law of God.

Right Discrimination
February 7, 1914

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