"Stem the tide"

WITH marvelous foresight Mrs. Eddy has equipped her students for their work, declaring with calm certainty that "the present new, yet old, reform in religious faith will teach men patiently and wisely to stem the tide of sectarian bitterness, whenever it flows inward" (Science and Health, p. 139).

The writer was recently impressed by the remark of an earnest Christian Science worker, that possibly we students of Christian Science are not sufficiently alive to the need of stemming the tide of sectarian bitterness when, as Mrs. Eddy has said, "it flows inward;" that is, as I understand it, when it appears in the ranks of Christian Scientists. Are we, in a word, sufficiently kind and considerate for one another; do we always stand shoulder to shoulder, and if not, why not? Is the false claim of sectarian bitterness ever seeking to separate us? If so, our Leader has reminded us that "a special privilege is vested in the ministry. How shall it be used? Sacredly, in the interests of humanity, not of sect" (Science and Health, p. 236). We are all ministering one to the other, and we are all working to manifest the kingdom of heaven on earth, in which there are no sects and no bitterness; no cliques, no separation.

No Condemnation
October 17, 1914

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