AN assertion one frequently hears made by new-comers in the Christian Science is this: "I never saw so many happy faces in a public gathering before." And why not? In every such audience a large percentage of the people have proven the truth of Mrs. Eddy's statement that "Truth is revealed. It needs only to be practised" (Science and Health, p. 174). They know now that the long search of humanity for a demonstrable truth is ended, that the years of uncertainty are past, and that the truth of Jesus' words, "The Kingdom of God is within you," has been proven. Having drunk deep draughts of spiritual truth, they are freed in a great measure from their slavery to materiality and to suppositional material laws, and well may they rejoice. Instead of a problematical resurrection after death, they know that today is the day of salvation, and that peace, harmony, health, prosperity is theirs now. Instead of being subservient to the superstitions of ages, they stand freed from every law which makes for bondage, but bow before the law of God, good, and realize the positive, demonstrable power of a perfect creative cause.

Several years ago the writer was one of a party of explorers who were making their way across a very barren country. The only water left was in kegs. It was warm and unpalatable, and was used only when some thirst-tormented traveler was compelled to wet his perched throat. Forced to make a dry camp at night, one of the party, more hopeful and venturesome than the rest, followed a narrow, almost indiscernible trail that led south from the camp for a few yards, where he found another plainer trail, and a little farther on yet another trail came in. The track was then broad enough so that it could be seen some distance ahead. The traveler quickened his pace. Why? Had he seen any evidence of a spring? No. But he knew that there was some reason why the wild animals of these "bad lands" had followed the same course. Increasing evidence of travel spurred him on, and after going around a point of rocks, he saw before him a little valley, and near a huge boulder, as if nature would protect the life-giving flow, was a clear, cool spring of pure water.

Way of the Lord
October 17, 1914

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