Referring to an address before the graduates of the...

Champaign (Ill.) Times

Referring to an address before the graduates of the Burnham hospital training school, reported in a recent issue, permit me to say that the speaker is evidently misinformed as to the beliefs and practises of Christian Scientists. Christian Scientists are not opposed to sanitation, quarantine laws, or to such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the prevention or spread of so-called contagious disease. They believe in pure food, pure air and water, cleanliness, and everything that tends to normal healthful living. They understand the present necessity for laws regulating these matters and are not opposed to anything which makes for human betterment. They have no quarrel with the doctors or those who believe in material methods of healing, and they are advocates of medical freedom only to the extent of believing that every man has the right to choose his own physician.

Christian Scientists do not seek to impose their beliefs upon others. Their experience has taught them that Christian Science can do for them what medicine cannot, and while they believe that they have the right to employ that form of treatment which has proved the most efficacious in their own cases, they are willing to accord the utmost freedom to their neighbors. The fact that Christian Science heals the sick as well as reforms the sinner is now very generally acknowledged. It has to its credit the healing of all forms of acute and chronic as well as so-called incurable diseases, and its elevating influence is felt in all the walks of life.

September 28, 1912

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