In thanking your correspondent for his very interesting...

Bradford (Eng.) Telegraph

In thanking your correspondent for his very interesting letter, I would like to say this in connection with the ancient Greek philosophies, that truth, the whole of truth, has been with us throughout eternity. The ancient worthies, Greek and Hebrew alike, caught glorious glimpses of truth. In so far as the clarity of vision of these people enabled them to see the truth, to that extent they approached to an apprehension of Christian Science.

Many people have a very confused notion of what is meant by the term "Christian Science." If Christianity be true, the truth about Christianity is its science. Science is variously defined by different Iexicographers, but they will all agree in saying that it is exact knowledge arranged into a system, governed by a fixed principle and unalterable rules. Now Christian Science is an exact science because it is demonstrable to the full extent of one's understanding of it. Jesus of Nazareth, his personal disciples, and many of his followers in after years proved this incontestably, and the Christian Scientist of today is linking the past to the present through the understanding that God's law is an immutable law as the Bible declares, and that what was possible to Jesus is possible today when the same spiritual law is brought into operation. The master Metaphysician himself declared that "he that believeth on [understandeth] me, the works that I do shall he do also."

September 28, 1912

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