The human sense of limitation is so universal that it behooves the students of Christian Science to demonstrate the falsity of the sense of lack, in all its varied phases. Some time since the writer began to catch a faint gleam of the spiritual fact that there is nothing to fear, since God made all that was made, and pronounced it all "very good."

The reason that mortal man is continually limiting himself is because he was limited from the beginning. Of him it was said, "Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.' The most common form of fear is that of lack of material supply, and in Christian Science we strive to realize that man, being spiritual and not material, is dependent upon divine Principle alone, and not upon any material personality or material condition; that his life is in God, and that his every need is already met. We may be tempted to think we are dependent upon personality, and thus led to wonder if this person will pay his bill today, or if that one will send us a check; or we may limit ourselves by thinking we cannot afford to have or to do certain things which we would like, or that we cannot afford to give to the cause of Christian Science or to subscribe for our literature, because God has not given us as much as He has some one else, thus making a reality of a seeming condition which can be overcome by holding steadfastly to the truth that there is no lack in divine Mind.

August 31, 1912

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