[Translated from the German.]

In August, 1910, I was seized with severe pain in the...

In August, 1910, I was seized with severe pain in the abdomen and lost my appetite. A physician was summoned, and after an examination told me that he was led to believe there was an intestinal abscess. He prescribed hot poultices, which were applied during a period of four weeks without any resulting improvement. When I asked him for his opinion, he said that in all probability I would have to submit to an operation. On Oct. 6 I went to the country hospital in Zurich, but when after a three-weeks stay the operation was performed, nothing was found which would have necessitated such a course. On Nov. 11 I was dismissed while still in a poor condition, so that I could hardly stand the exertion connected with my trip home. After my return I had to seek medical aid at once, but before Christmas the wound opened again, giving me greater pain than before the operation. I lay in this condition for four months, then our clergyman advised me to apply once more to a specialist for an examination. I did so, and stayed three weeks at the city hospital in Chur without experiencing an improvement. When I asked the physician what he thought, whether I could not do light housework, he said: "You are beyond cure."

It then became clear to me that medicine was powerless in my case, and while in this hopeless condition a dear friend who is an adherent of Christian Science came to see me, loaned me a book, and asked me if I would permit her to treat me. I made up my mind to try this as a last resort, though with almost no hope. My thought was that although it might bring no relief, it probably would not harm me. But after a few weeks I felt an improvement, the pain gradually disappeared, and I was enabled to do light work. As there was daily improvement, my practitioner told me to go home, eat whatever I pleased, and again attend to my duties; and this I did. This was in June, 1911, and now, thanks be to God, I am well, able to perform strenuous work, as formerly, without inconvenience. One day I met the head nurse at the hospital, and she inquired as to my health. When I told her that I was in good health and able to work as formerly, she said: "It is almost unbelievable; I must tell the doctor about this." I enjoy a good appetite, and my wound is almost healed. I have now regained my former weight. I use neither medicines nor salves, but rely entirely upon divine Love, and commit myself to God's care, willing to take whatever comes from His hand. He is my physician. I also wish to express my gratitude for having had my footsteps directed into the way which leads to God.

Testimony of Healing
Five years ago I was ill and unable to enjoy my pleasant...
August 31, 1912

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