I am grateful for the revelation of the presence and power...

I am grateful for the revelation of the presence and power and goodness of God which has come to us in this age through Christian Science. About four years ago, when I was seemingly buried "in trespasses and sins," and when I was miserable beyond words to tell, sick and sore in mind, body, and estate, a good woman gave me some Christian Science literature. I accepted the little sheets with a sense of condescension, but with a feeling that I must be polite to a lady, and that complaisance would probably end the annoyance sooner than argument. These little sheets were glanced at, then read with care. Other literature was given to me, and from this beginning I went on, reluctantly, and with a determination not to go too far, and certainly not to identify myself openly with a people that were "peculiar." I, however, read on and on, then went to the church and visited the reading-room. I studied that wonderful book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and realized that I had at last found what all my life I had desired, namely, truth, the truth that could be tested and scrutinized and not found wanting. What I have found in Christian Science so fills me with amazement that I have at times almost feared it was "too good to be true." The only satisfying way by which its reality can be known is to take it and test it and prove it by "signs following;" in other words, by demonstration. This I have done in many ways, and I know that if I continue in God's way, He will abundantly bless my efforts.

I had worn glasses about fifteen years, but these were discarded over three years ago. I suffered from a nervous and stomach disorder, but this ailment entirely left me. I was thin, had narrow shoulders, and was anemic in appearance, but now I am broad-shouldered and have flesh and color. I feared to eat many things; now, I eat anything I wish, at any time, and as much as I care to eat. The past winter, because of very trying conditions and also because I did not apply the truth as I should have done, I had an acute attack of illness, and though I had intense pain and difficulty in breathing, I never for a moment thought of any help but the help that comes from God and that we are taught in Christian Science how to realize. The work of a faithful practitioner soon enabled me to leave my bed; in fact, I was confined to it less than a week.

Testimony of Healing
It has been my desire for a long time to express my...
August 31, 1912

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