In the old theological teaching, the thought of supply seemed to the writer to be a contradiction and an enigma, based as it was on the supposition that Jesus, a faithful son, was poor, while his Father was rich. Poverty and lack appeared as virtues, yet Christian people inwardly rebelled against them and many earnestly strove to overcome them, at the same time not knowing whether it was or was not God's will that poverty should have dominion over His children. It seemed as if God had plenty and to spare, but for some reason which no man could fathom He saw fit to keep His children in want. Great joy, however, came to the writer when she began to learn through the teaching of Christian Science that Jesus was the richest man who was ever on earth, that he understood God, his Father, to be good, and that he did not divorce himself from the goodness of the All-good.

In Christian Science we learn that we must follow Christ Jesus in his at-one-ment with the Father, because as the Wayshower he is our example. To be at-one with God it is necessary to reflect and express the qualities of good, and this can be done today, "here a little, and there a little," or step by step. In infinite, divine Life, Truth, and Love, which is God, good, there can be no finiteness, no limitation, and no evil. Poverty or lack, not being of or from infinite good, the Life, Truth, and Love of all, cannot be good nor part of man, the child of God, for man is God's image and likeness. To bring out our at-one-ment with our Father-Mother God, we need to watch lest we divorce supply from its real source. Supply is neither in nor of matter. Supply is in and of God, good; our supply therefore is infinite and it is good. At present we know but very little indeed of this great and good source of supply, which is ever available for our daily and hourly needs.

August 10, 1912

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