When I was about ten years old, I was accidentally struck...

When I was about ten years old, I was accidentally struck with a croquet mallet just above the knee. It made a bruise and caused a little annoyance at the time, but nothing was done for it, and several months after the bruise terminated in a running sore. A doctor was then called, who examined the knee, diagnosed the trouble, and prescribed various remedies. These were applied, but with no effect whatever. During the next five years, at intervals of about six months the sore would heal up, then break out again for the next six months, at which times I would be compelled to use a crutch. At the end of five years I went to another physician to be examined, and as his diagnosis was a fractured bone, he advised that I be taken to a hospital. This my mother refused; but a third physician was called in, whose diagnosis was the same, and he said that an operation would be necessary. He began his treatments at once, making two visits a day for about two weeks, then once a day for about two months. The bone was scraped, and pieces of it were removed. In due time the sore was practically healed, but in two years it broke out again and was worse than before.

This time a Christian Scientist was called in, and I began to take treatment at once. At this time the limb was swollen and inflamed and the indications were that it would have to be lanced. The fifth day, however, the sore opened of its own accord, with no sense of suffering or any pain, and in about four days I was going to school again, which was just nine days after the first treatment. It has now been over eight years, and I have had no manifestation of the disease. The time and cost of healing in Christian Science was nothing to compare with that under medical treatment, though the doctors did all they could to cure me.

Testimony of Healing
As far back as I can think, I was a sickly child, and after...
April 27, 1912

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