[Christian Work and Evangelist.]

It is most significant that all the New Testament writers, but especially Paul, immediately seize upon the immortality which Christ has promised by his words and resurrection and make it a present earthly power and sweet possession. Already they have been saved from death unto life. Already they have been made alive forever. Already the touch of heaven is upon them. Already they are sons of God. Already they have risen from the sinful life to the world of new creatures. Already have they been buried with Christ and risen with him from the dead. Consequently they begin the practice of the immortal life at once in Jerusalem and Galilee. They begin to live on earth as they expect to live in heaven. The resurrection becomes a prime factor in all their writing and speaking and living. As immortal souls they address men who have potentiality of immediate immortality. The power of an endless life is immediately upon them. Their citizenship is already in heaven. Death has already been met and conquered, and hath no more dominion over them. They have become sons of God in Christ Jesus. All over their dim earth there shines heavenly light. They hear the angels sing above the din of toil and strife. The confines of heaven touch earth all about them. They live now as those who are immortal.

April 27, 1912

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