I give the following testimony with a heart full of gratitude...

I give the following testimony with a heart full of gratitude to God, and also to Mrs. Eddy, who has made the Christ-teaching clear enough for all mankind to understand and follow. For seven years Christian Science has been the only help in our family, consisting of my mother, husband, and myself, and it has never failed, bringing us out of such ills as acute lung trouble for my mother, shingles on body in the case of my husband, and healing my husband and myself of a serious bowel disorder. My husband was enabled to give up glasses which he had worn many years for defective vision. Besides these, many minor ailments were overcome.

The strongest proof of the never-failing help of divine Love was, however, brought home to us in the spring of 1910. Early one Sunday morning my mother was taken very ill, and requested us to telephone for a Christian Science practitioner, who came and remained by her bedside all day. Part of the time mother was unconscious, and suffered greatly all day and night. The next day she was better, but on Tuesday morning the suffering returned. The practitioner was again called early in the morning, and a short time after she came she called me to help her declare the allness of Life, as there was evidence of approaching death. My mother was beyond seeing, hearing, or speaking, and surely this was a test of faith for both the practitioner and myself. But never for a moment did we cease declaring that man as God's image and likeness could not die. Even when the evidence seemed overwhelming we worked on, till finally mother could hear us, and obeyed the practitioner when told to declare the truth for herself. We then knew the worst was over and that she would live. About a hour after I was first called into the room, mother was able to eat an orange, and that night a faithful nurse came to our aid. She was with us two weeks, and was a great help with her clear strengthening Truth and words of truth. It was two months before mother could go out again, but she is now in the full consciousness of health and strength, being very active for a person of advanced age.

Testimony of Healing
It gives me great pleasure to write what Christian Science...
April 27, 1912

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