Every alert Christian Scientist has a profound appreciation of the Master's words as found in the seventh chapter of John: "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." Mrs. Eddy has emphasized this declaration, as when she says: "Your decisions will master you, whichever direction they take" (Science and Health, p. 392). Those who misunderstand Christian Science frequently rebel over its teaching concerning the real and the unreal, and they insist that the testimony of material sense must at all times be accepted as true. The Christian Scientist, however, accepts the teaching of Jesus, and gives heed to his words not to judge according to appearance, but to judge according to the right, as the original Greek puts it. Or, to use the translation of an eminent authority, "Do not decide at a glance, but think out the decision judiciously." This helpful reminder from the Master was recalled recently by the following incident.

In walking through one of the old streets of historic Boston, a visitor observed a brass door-plate which from its appearance had been many years in place. So faithfully had it been polished that the letters were almost entirely worn away, but on close scrutiny he traced out the original name upon the door-plate. Many years ago he had known this gentleman as a pastor of one of the leading churches in Boston. He was at that time a familiar character, but he has long since passed to his reward. Then the lesson forced itself home. Had the visitor passed judgment according to appearance, he would have believed that this was the abiding-place of him whose name was on the door-plate, and that the provisions brought by the grocer were for his support; that the coal which went into the cellar was to keep him warm; but the observer knew the facts, and passed right judgment upon them. The reverend gentleman's home was not in this brick dwelling, mortal conditions and human laws did not apply to him, and appearances did not tell the truth about him.

The moral is plain. Mortals, by reason of mistaken judgment, declare that what they see with the eye decides the entire question as to man. Right judgment declares that man does not live in the body, but in divine Mind; that it is the Mind which is God that sustains man; that it is infinite Life which is his life, and that the laws of mortal mind do not apply to the real man. Right judgment declares that the only law governing man is the law of Spirit, the law of health, and the law of harmony. If we make our decisions relative to man upon the basis of matter, we do not judge right judgment; but if we decide upon the basis of divine Mind, then we are helping to establish health, peace, and joy. More and more will thoughtful people come to the standpoint of the Master, and no longer judge according to appearances, but in all cases judge right judgment, for, as quoted above from the text-book, their decisions will master them, whichever direction they take.

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April 27, 1912

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