"Why, it is a practical religion!" These were the words...

"Why, it is a practical religion!" These were the words which broke from my lips when a Christian Science practitioner explained to me for the first time this teaching. My words were not studied but spontaneous, and came with the realization of what I was glad to know, to wit, that the Christian religion is as demonstrable today as it was nineteen hundred years ago, when Jesus and his disciples went about Judea casting out evil and healing both sin and sickness. But, whatever blessing I might have received or whatever understanding I might have had of Christian Science at that time, I allowed twelve years of doubt, of uncertainty, of sickness and distress to intervene before I finally accepted it and demonstrated it to be the truth which Christ Jesus brought to mankind. Because my healing was slow, I allowed myself, upon becoming isolated from those of my friends who were Christian Scientists, to drift back to materia medica, but in all those twelve years I retained a warm spot in my heart for Christian Science, and would not allow any one to assail it without a rebuke from me. The "scientific statement of being" (Science and Health, p. 468) became a part of my life and I repeated it almost daily.

It was in July, 1909, that I again entered a Christian Science practitioner's office, seeking help. I had been subject to rheumatism for fifteen years or more, and had gone from bad to worse, struggling all the time against the dreaded disease, but at the end of this time, in November, 1906, the talons of my ancient enemy were sunk deep into my flesh, so to speak, and I was dragged from the practice of my chosen profession, the law, to a sick-bed, where I spent months of intense suffering. The following spring and summer I was able to go about the house on crutches. It is needless to say that I followed the course of all who suffer from rheumatism; I took the doctor's prescriptions willingly—and often; when these were exhausted I resorted to other medicines; one system of healing claimed me for a time, and mineral baths were tried to no avail. In October, in a weakened and emaciated condition, I went to Arizona, where it was said that because of the mild climate I would receive great benefit and recruit my strength. At the end of three months, however, a renewed and vigorous attack compelled me to enter a sanitarium, where I stayed for ten months, at the end of which time I returned to this city. I reached here in November, thirteen months after leaving, and went to work. I got along very well for about eight months, when I was again overtaken by my old enemy, to which was added sciatic rheumatism. The latter phase of the disease had troubled me only from about the time I went to Arizona, and it was the last to yield to the gentle touch of Truth.

April 20, 1912

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