[Translated from the German.]

I sought the truth for a long time, and finally found it in...

I sought the truth for a long time, and finally found it in Christian Science. If, after we have found the true way, we earnestly strive to walk in it, we shall not lose sight of it, but advance step by step. Although it seemed difficult for me at first, still I listened to the inner voice which told me that I was not alone, that our Father would help me; and He did help me.

Christian Science found me in a hopeless condition, the physicians having tried for years to cure me. I had been in sanitariums, but experienced only temporary relief, and new symptoms manifested themselves continually. My condition became most serious, as my life seemed to depend on the use of certain remedies, and I was involved more and more in despair. I was bedridden during the latter period, extending over several months, and an opiate had to be administered in order to relieve me of the awful pain. Existence seemed unbearable. The physicians then suggested an operation. As it was a very serious one, however,—the removal of the kidney and appendix being contemplated,—and my condition being too weak to admit of the strain, I was advised to go to the country for a couple of months in order to gain sufficient strength. But the very thought was awful to me, and having heard of Christian Science, I decided to seek refuge in it.

I asked a Christian Science practitioner to come to the hospital in St. Petersburg, and she came several times. Through her loving help I felt strengthened, and after the first treatment I knew this was the only way of recovery for me. A week later I had sufficiently improved to venture to return home by steamer, and the physicians were well pleased to be able to dismiss me from the hospital in a better condition than when I went there, although of course they attributed the favorable change to their own efforts. My condition thus improved steadily, although slowly at first. Yet, when I recall how sick I was a year and a half ago, it often seems to me like a bad dream, and that I am just drawing nearer reality now. The English language also offered considerable difficulties, as I did not know one word of English up to that time, and had to translate every single word. But now I get along well and make daily progress. As to my health, there has been such an improvement that I was able to accept a position as a governess last summer, and worked as I never did before in my life.

Testimony of Healing
Unlike many others, I had had Christian Science....
April 20, 1912

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