To the lover of song all being is tremulous with rhythm, measure, harmony, and order—heaven's first law. However distorted the material vision, however discordant the babel of earthly tongues, behind the veil of sense is that perfect realm of harmony known to him alone whose life is attuned to the gospel of love, that love which enriched Christ's healing ministry among men, and which is enriching a like ministry among his followers today.

The study of history discloses an order even in the world's events. There are pulse-beats in the affairs of men, significant and divinely appointed periods of awakening. A prophet is born not out of time, but just at the time when he is most needed. We do not give ourselves over to speculations regarding fate and destiny when we say that the coming of Christian Science was truly God-given—the one needful nineteenth-century event, as perfectly timed as was the appearance of the star of Bethlehem. Could a teaching that was to meet the needs of so wonderful a period of human progress have been given us before? It would not have harmonized with the complete poem of song which had to mortal sense been unsung for so many centuries. All this having come about in behalf of progress upon our own small planet, what of the millions of other starry orbs which make up infinitude? Must there not be order and rhythmical harmony pervading all immensity?

April 20, 1912

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