The psalmist said, "What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee." The more faith mortals have in materiality, the more fear they have of it, until a better understanding of Truth turns them away from both. A recent experience was useful in giving the writer a needed lesson and reminding him, as it did, of the presence and practical power of the infinite Mind whom we are endeavoring to understand and reflect.

A motor-car had been purchased, and after a few lessons he became fairly skilful in operating it, but every time the machine was taken out the conscious and unconscious argument of fear would appear in various forms,—fear that the car would run away, run over some one or into something,—and in addition it seemed to be very large and cumbrous. This went on for several days, with more or less denial and insufficient realization of the truth, until at last there came an awakening. He reasoned that this car was a manifestation of material belief, that it was a good belief, because its parts were well ordered, acting harmoniously according to law, and responding to intelligent operation by the one in charge. It was a useful belief, since it helped to overcome the limitation of other beliefs, such as time and space, thus assisting in a degree in the work of truth; but it was only a manifestation of belief. Now man, the true selfhood, stands as spiritual identity in Mind, as idea, God's image and likeness, and he has dominion over every belief in the so-called material universe; hence fear and mesmerism have neither place nor power. The instant this was clearly realized, the whole sense of difficulty vanished, and since then confidence in man's ability has reigned.

April 20, 1912

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