[Translated from the German.]

A sense of deep gratitude to God, also to the Founder of...

A sense of deep gratitude to God, also to the Founder of Christian Science, impels me to give my mite for the truth. For four years I suffered severely with a nervous and mental trouble, and was treated by several physicians, but without success. The consolation they usually offered, when there seemed to be no improvement or only temporary relief, was that time healed all such diseases; but only they who have gone through similar suffering know how little consolation this brings to one who believes his life hardly worth living. While going through these gloomy experiences, my attention was called to Christian Science, whereupon I applied to a practitioner in Basel, who immediately began to minister to me. After treatment had been given me for about three months, I had sufficiently recovered to be able to start working out my salvation with my own small understanding, and I have now progressed so far that whenever troubles arise I am able to overcome them with the understanding that God is All, and that He is my strength. I get up every morning in the strength of Truth and take up my day's work; and I cannot be grateful enough for being able again to attend to my household duties.

It is not, however, for the physical healing alone that I wish to give thanks, but, with my dear relatives, also for the spiritual understanding which we have gained through Christian Science, for we have had many demonstrations of Truth's power which have made us very happy. At first we manifested astonishment, but now we know it is God's will that all men should be helped, that they should come to the recognition of the truth. Thus, through declaring the truth, a member of our family has been healed of an ear trouble of years' standing, as well as of severe rheumatism in the back, and minor ills also have been overcome through the power of Spirit. We have proofs daily and hourly of the all-Father's loving care for those who put their trust in Him. My earnest desire is that this testimony may help some sufferers to find the way to Christian Science, so that they, too, may experience the peace which the world cannot give.

Testimony of Healing
I am very happy to say that I was cured of a stomach...
March 9, 1912

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