In a recent issue a writer in commenting on health conditions...

Durango (Col.) Herald

In a recent issue a writer in commenting on health conditions on the Canal Zone, took occasion to say some harsh things about Christian Scientists. The animus of this writer seemed to be because Christian Scientists through Senator Works of California made representations to President Taft to secure a modification of his executive order made some weeks ago which excluded Christian Science practice from that territory.

A former Colorado woman writing from the Canal Zone, whose letters are in my possession, throws some light on this question. She states that the order of President Taft followed soon after the death of a patient from malignant malaria under Christian Science treatment. This was the first case the Christian Science practitioner had lost with malignant malaria, although she had handled from three to seventeen cases daily for the last six years. During the same period the hospitals under government control have lost many cases. During the same period Christian Science has cured every fever known to the tropics, including black water, yellow fever, also tuberculosis of the lungs and other diseases, all for the most part given up as hopeless by the doctors. In view of these facts, it is apparent that a great injustice would have been done had President Taft's order remained in force, and to the credit of his fair-mindedness, the order was quickly revoked, to the discomfiture of those who were prepared to make the most of it.

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