[Rev. A. S. Fiske in Christian Work and Evangelist.]

There is no secular as over against the sacred! All is one! Everything that touches God or man is sacred, and in full purview of the pure and simple gospel of Christ. "Mix your religion with business? Soil your white robes in the dirty pools of politics?" If you've got a religion that won't mix well with your business, you would best drop either your religion or your business and take up a new variety of both. If you have a religion that doesn't command your politics, fling it away and get one that signifies something! If you are fooling with a politics that doesn't march well with pure religion, your politics is damnable! If you have something that you call religion that doesn't command every section of your life's activity; if you have chipped off it something as "secular," your so-called religion is a fake, pure and simple. Your play ought to be as sacred as your prayer,—is so, or neither is sacred. Your week days are as sacred as your Sundays, your business as your worship, and your politics as holy as the new heart of your birth of the Spirit. In fine, the pure and simple gospel embraces your own and every man's every interest for time and eternity. The preaching of it, therefore, must be as wide as its universal scope. Pulpit and church must not emasculate it by a worldly-wise and cowardly setting off from it of that vast and vital area which we suffer men to degrade as "secular," but which really covers almost all of the common, conscious interests of this earthly life. All that concerns man or God is "sacred," and is the vital business of pulpit and church, week days and Sundays alike.

March 9, 1912

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