Although I did not come into Christian Science for...

Although I did not come into Christian Science for physical healing, I feel that I must tell how much I have been benefited, mentally, morally, and in my business life, through the study of our text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." I came to New York city without a position and knew very few people here, but I had learned through Science and Health to know that God is the source of our supply and that each has his place in divine Mind, so that my part was to do calmly and confidently the which seemed best at the time, knowing that I would be led into my place. I advertised in The Christian Science Monitor, which at that time had just made its generous offer to help those in need of a position, and I received three answers. One of these position, was given me, and not only was it a high-class one, but it gave me work in the Christian Science field, which was above all things what I most desired. I deeply appreciate the privilege of serving our great cause in any capacity, and know that so long as my services are needed in that particular place, I shall remain, and when my work is finished, other avenues will open to me.

One of the things for which I am most grateful in Christian Science is the joy I have in my work. Instead of considering it a hardship that I have to work, as in the past, I now feel that my business is to do whatever comes to hand with joy and gladness and for the glory of God, and this feeling eliminates all sense of hardship in earning my daily bread. I have also had proof that infinite Mind is all powerful and can heal physical diseases. I had an attack of acute throat trouble in the spring of 1910, which was overcome for me within two days by a practitioner in Christian Science, without my losing any time from my work. This meant a good deal to me, as I had been subject to these attacks in my youth and they always kept me in bed for two weeks at least, I being unable to eat anything solid during that time. The fact that this attack was overcome in so short a time proved to me the power of divine Mind to heal.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a constantly recurring sense of thankfulness...
March 9, 1912

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