The statement of a clergyman on the subject of Christian Science,...

Staffordshire Sentinel

The statement of a clergyman on the subject of Christian Science, in your issue of the 2d inst., is one of those casual obiter dicta which, when examined, resolve themselves into nothing at all. This critic explains that he has known certain mental conditions on which Christian Science has acted detrimentally. When this is reduced from a mere general statement to closer examination, what does it really amount to? That there are certain people of more or less deranged mentalities in the world who may have come across Christian Science without profiting by it. Such a statement applies to everything else known to man. You might as well propose to abolish the monarchy, because the asylums have numerous inmates who imagine themselves to be kings and queens. You might as well propose to suppress all religious teaching, because the asylums are crowded with religious maniacs. It would, in short, be probably impossible to name a single subject which has not affected some person of diseased mentality to a greater or less degree unfavorably.

It is quite possible that certain people in this diseased condition have been affected by Christian Science. It is absolutely certain that hundreds of them have been rescued from this diseased condition by Christian Science, and, curiously enough, the one admission which the medical profession and the critics of Christian Science are generally willing to make is, that it is just such cases of diseased mentality which may be most profitably entrusted to Christian Science treatment. The fact is that the critic is, as usual, muddling up Christian Science with hypnotic suggestion, and hypnotic suggestion is, unfortunately, becoming more and more a factor in ordinary medical practice. Now, hypnotic suggestion would really be one of the most dangerous things in the world; because of the belief that it can be used for the purpose of effecting positive evil as well as nominal good, were it not for the teaching of Christian Science that evil has no power, since God, good, is the only power.

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