[Translated from the German.]

At the time when I turned to Christian Science I was in...

At the time when I turned to Christian Science I was in a pitiful condition. I had been born a cripple, and often wondered why God had not made me healthy like my brothers and sisters. When I grew older, however, and knew more of the world, the thought often came that my infirmity had kept me from many a sin, and for this I gave thanks to God. Since childhood not one day had passed without my suffering pain in my legs, and besides this my brain had to be operated upon. I had been under medical treatment for fifteen years, and the wound back of my ear did not heal; in fact, the physician told me that I must submit to another operation, as there was a carious bone which would have to be removed, otherwise I must expect death in the near future. Having endured little else but suffering all my life, I could not make up my mind to undergo another operation, and believing death to be preferable I went to my sister's home in the country, to implore God to take me away.

But man's extremity is God's opportunity. Wonderful circumstances led me to New York, where I became acquainted with Christian Science. I had never heard of it before, but to join another religious denomination seemed utterly impossible for me. I even thought of this as being a sin, a delusion of the devil, and prayed to God that He might not lead me into temptation, but deliver me from evil. Often in my life have I experienced God's wise guidance, but I never realized His nearness, although the Bible was my constant companion and I believe no day went by without my reading it, so that I know the Scriptures almost by heart. I used to attend church regularly, but did not find the inward peace which I was seeking.

Testimony of Healing
In Psalms we read, "Oh that men would praise the Lord...
March 9, 1912

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