The assertion that Christian Science leads to insanity,...

Edinburgh (Scot.) Dispatch

The assertion that Christian Science leads to insanity, as quoted in the Dispatch, is only another instance of the profound ignorance which the critics of the Science display as to its fundamental basis and teachings. Now, as of old, men fail to distinguish between the activity of the so-called human mind and the action of Truth, of God Himself, and thus ascribe to the Christ-healing the methods and effects of evil. Christian Science is no new religion or revised Christianity; it is simply that further explanation of Christ's teaching which our Lord told his followers would come when the world had grown able to receive it; the proof that it is indeed the Christ-teaching lies in the healing of the body and the reformation of the heart; its success is attested by the ever increasing number of its adherents and by the bitterness of its opponents.

I can most confidently affirm from the personal experience of many years that Christian Science, rightly understood, could not possibly lead to insanity, as it teaches faith in the supreme power of good, and therefore destroys the attraction of evil and the fear of evil. It removes all belief in the supernatural, and therefore all dread of its power, heals men of self-love and self-pity by lifting their thought away from themselves and fixing it on the very source of life, purity, and intelligence. It thus enables them to gain some measure of that Mind which was in Christ Jesus, and proves the truth of the Bible promise, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee."

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