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I am very happy to tell my fellow men and seekers after...

I am very happy to tell my fellow men and seekers after Truth of the good which I have received through Christian Science as given to the world by Mrs. Eddy. When evilmanifests itself in its various forms in our experience, we seek help from our fellow men while praying to God to deliver us, or at least to relieve our suffering. Thus it was with me. At the age of fifteen, when learning a trade, I began to suffer from a disease of the bone of my left leg. In October last I reached the age of fifty-one, and until three and a half years ago I had always resorted to material means for relief until I found help through the reading of a copy of Der Herold der Christian Science.

The disease mentioned always seemed to me like a volcano; a seeming calmness would always be followed by an eruption, the outbreaks becoming more violent as time went on. The more advanced a disease and the older a man is, the more impotent will human help be found. This I experienced a few years ago. The physician then in attendance told me: "It is no use, your leg will have to be amputated. There are many people with artificial limbs who can walk better than you are able to do now." My leg was not amputated, however, as a homeopathic physician whom I consulted dissuaded me from having the operation performed. The disease, he said, could not be removed by amputating the affected limb, and I would regret it if I submitted to the operation.

Testimony of Healing
As a result of exposure in a severe storm when about the...
March 2, 1912

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