Christian Science has been a great help in our family...

Christian Science has been a great help in our family for the past five years, in cases of rheumatism, tubercular disease, hay-fever, and curvature of the spine; other ills have also been overcome by the faithful application of the teachings of Christian Science. One case of healing which particularly pleased me was that of the overcoming of the effects of poisoning. While away from home I was attacked by that which in materia medica is termed ptomaine poisoning. The suffering at times was very intense, although by the application of my knowledge of Christian Science I was able to keep about my work and no one in the house knew that I was ill. A friend who lived in the same house, and who took her meals at the

same hotel at which I did, but who was not a Scientist, was attacked in the same way and was very ill for about two weeks. A doctor traced the cause of the trouble to some fish of which we had both eaten one noon. My suffering lasted only about two days, and the contrast between the two cases caused me to appreciate more fully what Christian Science really means in cases of physical healing. This is only one of the many proofs of the power of divine Truth to overcome all discord for which I am very grateful.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude to God, also to our beloved...
March 2, 1912

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