The question is asked over and over again, "What is...

The Critic

The question is asked over and over again, "What is Christian Science?" As far as I am concerned, I cannot tell you. You might as well ask, "What is mathematics?" and expect to be answered so you can understand without first applying yourself to the science of mathematics. The man or woman who wants to learn anything, can never expect to know until he applies himself to the subject he wants "light" on.

I know this, that Christian Science is a science, and science is truth. If you are not acquainted with truth, and are not willing to learn what truth is, you will always be "believing" a lie; but knowledge is truth. I know this, however, that while I at one time had fully made up my mind to die, that Christian Science disillusioned my mind and snatched me from that snare, and I now live,—live in happiness and a reality of life. I care not what you think you are weighed down with, whether it is tuberculosis (consumption), paralysis, or what not, I know that Christian Science will disillusion you and set you free.

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